How to greatly increase your sales and marketing in two years at a very Low Cost!

Let’s Celebrate…how to greatly increase your sales and marketing in two years at a very Low Cost!  A Top Rated Online Proofing site is a huge part of it – just what you need in your photography Tool belt!

In this article:                                                                                                               
How to increase your client data base FAST!
How to increase sales while you sleep.                                                                       How to show clients what you can do for them in another medium.
How to use this to create albums by showing client mock ups for approval.
How to do this at a cost of less than one family meal out per month!                             HOW YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS BY 300% in two years…

Ever wonder how other photographers make it in today’s photography culture?

HOW??? Online Proofing with one of the one of the TOP Ranked in proofing site in the world…that’s where you start.                                    – is #4 in the world.

Many pros like to teach about using projection viewing equipment to show & sell images (kind of expensive but functional) and how to up sell to a client in their studio or in person, and yes, that’s all a big part of what works. BUT DON’T LEAVE LOADS OF MONEY AND MARKETING OFF THE TABLE when the tools for the both are still available and at a low cost…How, AGAIN – you guessed it, Online Proofing…I’ll give you all the info you need in this one article to show how can this online proofing works for everything you need.  Let’s get started…

Let’s start with ALL your events you shoot.  How can you Increase sales and build your data base of client contacts thru emails of up to 80%  from clients that view your events you photograph and increase that with very little cost. Start with your online proofing solution to receive all that valuable information. is one of the best that can help you out.  Setting up your account takes less than 10 minutes. So once your account is set up you are ready to go. Now, set up your event in advance of the date of shooting.  This way they can pre-register  their emails to view the event.  Create break apart event business cards to hand out  to your event(s) you photograph. Set it up according to the event you are photographing.  GREAT Example below:

At your weddings for instance, create enough so everyone can have one, hand them out to the guests and vendors too who you work with. Use the front to show the basic info ABOUT YOUR EVENT and how to get there and how to view the event from your websiteEVERYONE LOVES getting this at an event. Then show Specials or Discounts or at least your logo and contact information on the back.

They go to your link on your website like this, branded to look like your website.

Now let’s say you have 175 people at this wedding.  If 125 come to YOUR WEBSITE, viewing your company’s brand to visit the wedding, you should consider that 115 have never seen your website…now you have just shown your BRAND and business to 115+ potential new clients per only ONE event.  Take that times 25 weddings a year (on the average of guests) and you have 2875 new people who have seen your website, your brand, and now know what you can do for them.  Add senior shoots, family shoots, and addition jobs and watch the list grow.  Times 2 years and you have over 5000 new potential clients in your data base.  (This is an average, some get more and some get slightly less…and some have more to start with.)

OK, Let’s say it’s a Senior shoot.  Pre-register your event, complete your shoot, up sell at your studio or their home the images they want - NOW you put them online on your website so the other family members can see them and buy what they love – Oh and you also have shown your BRAND and collected all their data for future marketing such as holiday shoots or family photos and the data base for your marketing.  Then you do it all again at the family photo session – sell to them and then put them online – they will buy more and more family members will see them AGAIN increasing your data base.

Now over two years of events you can increase your sales and marketing by 300%!

As you can see in the image below, you collect the email, name, date and time they visited as well as what they put into their favorites folder under VIEW LIST.

In you can collect the all names and emails per the allowed Can-Spam laws and build a huge list to market your business to.  Then you can USE THEM and market to many more potential clients.  In the past 5 years, one local company in Kansas City, KC Photo Innovations has collected over 15,000 contacts and emails for their studio.  That comes from weddings, senior shoots, family shoots, birthdays, conventions and everything they shoot.

WAIT…There’s More…Now they are in your event, if using, you can show the event in beautiful HTML in (6) six different ways to cover all ages of technology know how.  Set the event to music to create an even more emotional touch.  Everyone can enjoy the wedding day over and over.  You can now sell to clients who do not have access to the wedding couple’s CD or the person’s images who hired you. Yours will look so much better than photos they got with the Cell Phones – Guaranteed – and make many more sales. has more tools for use than most other online proofing website.  It works fast, easy and simple…because it was built by professional photographers and they then listened to the pros about what worked best for them.  Now it is ready for you, and it is more than affordable – try the 30 day free trial – see for yourself how well this can work.  The prices are low and the owners actually answer the phone or return calls…giving you a very good sense about what you are doing and how to improve on it as well.

Don’t get me wrong – education about the use of the camera and lighting is required, and up selling in front of your client can create more sales, but from day one you have so many choices and tools, it’s becoming hard for young & seasoned professionals to understand a solid good direction.

Online Proofing should be one of your TOP TOOLS in your photography business tool belt.  One would be ranked #4 for simple and fast usage and client experience. Ranked # 4 in the world

No one can do what can do with pure online proofing. Recently re-built to today’s technology standards. Sales, 0% commission is available on all of your sales and more tools for all you need are available, more than any other online proofing site.  For LESS THAN the cost of one meal out to eat, you can have unlimited uploads, unlimited space, and work with a dedicated team who constantly work to improve your bottom line.

Here are some helpful links, click on these to learn more:, Demos,  FAQs, About us, and more…

A few important New Features Include:

*Beautiful HTML EVENT SHOWCASES – in addition to our already popular flash event   sites.  Now everyone will be able to enjoy your photography work in all applications.

* Digital Download, what everyone has asked for, now we have it.  Allow Digital Downloads for free or for a price YOU set for the consumer.

*0% Sales commission – get paid every day!

*Right Click Protected – providing a semi – transparent watermark

*Use your own lab!

*Unlimited shopping cart feature with more tools than most others.

*Ability to have your events listing page look just like your own website, and so much more.   Start your 30 day free trial today!

NOTE: coming later this month, SeeYourPhotos will offering and supporting some of the most BEAUTIFUL HTML Websites available for the best cost around.  Then you will have the best of both worlds!!! has been completely re-built to today’s standards for fast easy and a simple use giving you more time to shoot and more sales to follow.  You will find to be in the TOP 4 online Proofing sites world wide! LISTED HERE: -

Article by: John Phoenix                                                                                           

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